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Our monthly series showcasing a variety of cool encounters created with our sets.

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Node Stone Unturned

June 2020: Four elemental node stones are hidden among three different homesteads. Can your adventurers discover them all in time? All three encounters can be built by rearranging the same collection of pieces on the fly right at the game table.

June Build of the Month Bundle: Node Stone Unturned – Painted

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The Demonic Depths

May 2020: The Rabbit Burner Rabbit & Gary Gygax have returned to save the day yet again, this time from goblins! We built this with the help of our twitch viewers for our monthly-ish Build of the Month stream.

Encounter 14: Khri Colony - Painted

Burrows Elevation - Painted

Burrows Stilts - Painted

Encounter 14: Khri Colony - Unpainted

Burrows Elevation - Unpainted

Burrows Stilts - Unpainted

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Psionic Maelstrom

April 2020: Nate is a One Man Band filming this month's build from his basement! Starring Gary Gygax and RabbitBurner, the adventurers must travel into an underwater illithid layer to rescue a merfolk. The sets used are:

Underdoom Adventure Pack

Misty Gateway Pack

Stairway to Violence

Underdoom Core Pack

Underdoom Terrain trays

Hazards Overlays

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Levers and Ledges

March 2020: Can you solve the lever puzzle and cross the murderous waters teeming with water weirds?

Lever Chamber


Terrain tray

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Commenting Cavern

February 2020: A freebuild with our new Caverns Deep pieces, demonstrating how to use Terrain Trays to create hazards.The sets used are:

Entrance Riser Set

Cavern Starter Set

2x Stone Banks Sets

2x Trifecta Terrain Sets

Rising Elevation Set

Hollow Elevation Block Set

Cave Cliff Set

38mm Stilts Set

Natural Bridge Set

Stairway to Violence Set

6x random corner fill pieces

3x Terrain Trays Festering Floors/Cavern Pools

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Ancient Anguish

Welcome to 2020! Cheers to another year of torture and agony!!! The sets used are:

Large Corner Tower

Ruined Large Tower

Ruined Wall

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Sepulcher of the Serpent Priest

December 2019: Will the PCs extinquish the final flame? Tune in to see a deadly adventure made with our Dungeon of Doom sets. The sets used are:

Classic Remastered Core Set

The Pit

The Antechamber

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Harbinger's Hideout

November 2019: Our Caverns Deep! pieces are arriving and we're showing you how to get the most modular bang for your buck with alternate builds. The sets used are:

Caverns Deep Encounter 1: Summoning Chamber

Caverns Deep Encounter 2: Prison Passage

Basic Caverns Sets (original caverns line)

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What Ales You Tavern

October 2019: Tricks and tips for using City Builder sets to create a bustling, multi-room tavern to set the scene for adventure! The sets used are:

Hamlet Set

Tavern Accessories


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PsychoTROLLic Mushroom Trip

September 2019: NEVER just take a handvul of wild fey mushrooms. The sets used are:

Burrows Chambers

Burrows Tunnels

Burrows Elevation

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WereRat Gutterhole

August 2019: HELP! The babies have been captured! Slip and slide your way below the city and save the future of Valoria. The sets used are:

Monster Sewers

Acid Terrain Tray

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Kobold Cove

July 2019: What a calm little cove! No trouble to be seen here. Let's maybe take a long -- OH MY GOD KOBOLDS!!! The sets used are:

Erinthor Mountains Set

Water Terrain Tray

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UnNamed Castle

June 2019: Nate highlights the play-insideable-walls, how to play multiple layers at once, and the depths of danger within one castle's walls. The sets used are:

Barbican Gatehouse

Square Corner Tower

Large Corner Tower

Small Corner Tower

Basic Walls

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Urge to Dirge

May 2019: Hey, deadly, devious dungeon masters! We're coming at you with this new series to help inspire builds and showcase the verstility of our pieces. The sets used are:

Starter Dungeon Set

Passages Intersections

Double Door Pack

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