LED Illuminated Floor - Painted – Dwarven Forge
LED Illuminated Floor - Painted

LED Illuminated Floor - Painted

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Hand Painted: 4-LEDI-P

Four different dramatic sculptures for castle, city or dungeon. All can be lit from beneath using the included LED floor piece, but also work well as freestanding (unlit) items. Note: Includes 4 LED elements which can be lit one at a time using the included floor.

This set contains 5 pieces:

4-LD-012 Coal Pit Floor Cover 1
4-LD-014 Arcane Circle Floor Cover 1
4-LD-011 LED Illuminated Floor 1
4-LD-013 Magic Fountain Floor Cover 1
4-LD-015 Serpent Obelisk Floor Cover 1

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