Encounter 13 - Crystal Cavern - Painted (Underdoom Colors) – Dwarven Forge

Encounter 13 - Crystal Cavern - Painted (Underdoom Colors)

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Hand Painted: 6-E-113-P

You step into the glowing, Underdoom-colored cavern and stop dead in your tracks, enthralled by a majestic panorama. Beautiful crystals, sparkling with light, adorn every surface. Most dazzling of all is a massive Heartshard which entices you to approach for a closer look. The thirteenth encounter of Caverns Deep has 56 pieces (including cavern pieces in the unique Underdoom paint scheme), a spectacular variety of Crystal Cavern themed pieces with many that include inset LED Crystals and/or LED sockets with add-on LED Crystals, LED Basalt Floor (2-way switch: steady white light -OR- flickering yellow "firelight"), Freestanding Basalt Floors with Sockets and LED Crystals, and an LED Heartshard crystal—an encounter that truly dazzles and glows!

Encounter 13: Crystal Caven can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a prewritten module available FREE here!

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