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Use our most versatile, universal environment to create dungeons, crypts, mazes, stone buildings, cellars, or castle interiors.

We have three Dungeon themes; Classic - featuring old stone walls; Vaulted - featuring decorative pillars and arches; and Forsaken Temple - decorated with elaborate ancient runes and serpentine carvings.

Dungeon Core Sets provide basic building pieces for any dungeon build. Expansion Packs offer diagonal walls, double doors, stairs, passages, daises, and much more. Special Effects packs add eye-catching details such as swinging blade traps, flickering LED Torches, and spring-released trapdoors. Finally, Accessory Packs provide dressing options to give your villain's lair more character.

Most pieces include embedded anchor magnets underneath to affix them to our Dwarven Forge Terrain Trays.

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