Square Tower Balcony & Bridge Base – Dwarven Forge

Square Tower Balcony & Bridge Base

Regular price $ 28.00
Expertly Hand Painted: 4-SQUTB-P
Dungeon Gray (unpainted): 4-SQUTB-U

Available in either Dungeon Gray or Expertly Hand Painted

A set of specialized walls for a square City Builder System tower, along with a fortified balcony and another balcony made of decorative stone. Combines with the Tower Bridge or Stone Bridge to connect towers with elegant soaring spans. Note: Can be attached to the Square Castle Tower, or any City Builder unit with two standard corner posts.

This set contains 6 pieces:

4-WI-004 CBS - Bridge Base Wall 2
4-BR-006 Stone Balcony Platform 2
4-BR-007 Stone Balcony Railing 1
4-BR-008 Crenellated Balcony 1

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