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Siege Defense Pack

Regular price $ 47.00
Expertly Hand Painted: 4-SIED-P
Dungeon Gray (unpainted): 4-SIED-U

Available in either Dungeon Gray or Expertly Hand Painted

The enemy approaches! Shore up the defenses with this set of gear for your castle defenders. Everything needed to repel an assault!

This set contains 24 pieces:

4-PA-007 Arbalest 2
4-PA-003 Battlement Blade 4
4-BA-004 Iron Scaled Shutter 4
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 2
4-BA-001 Oil Cauldron 2
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows 2
4-WA-009 Arrowslit Cover - Armored 4
4-BA-002 Wood Shutter 4

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