Royal Stronghold/Painted Set Pre-order (Deposit Only)

Royal Stronghold/Painted Set Pre-order (Deposit Only)

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Expertly Hand Painted: 4-RO-P-PRE

Hand Painted

Our factory is crafting a limited quantity of new sets, due into our US warehouse in February, 2018 (perhaps earlier).

Since quantities are limited — and this might be the final production run for this largest Castle set — we’re offering this option to reserve your set now. Reservations require a $250 deposit (toward the total purchase price of $2,090 + applicable taxes and total shipping).  Please note that the deposit -- though not the shipping -- becomes non-refundable after October 31, 2017).  The balance will be due (and will be billed) just prior to shipment.

Outside of the US?  Please note that taxes and import fees due are not included and will be collected by the courier upon delivery.

A huge preconfigured castle including working drawbridge and gate, stone courtyard, wall defenses, inner keep, and four large corner towers. 26" long x 26" wide!

While the Royal Stronghold includes all you need to stage a battle or siege immediately; you can embellish it with our dozens of available add-on packs.

Note: This set includes four large (6" diameter) towers, two with smaller (4") towers on top.

This set contains 479 pieces:

4-ST-007 Tower Stairs - Right 8
4-ST-008 Tower Stairs - Left 8
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 18
4-F4-003 Tower 3/4 Floor 6
4-F4-004 Tower Floor w/ Trapdoor 4
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 4
4-F6-004 Floor Extension 56
4-T6-002 6in Tower Arrowslit Wall 16
4-T6-001 6in Tower Solid Wall 16
4-T6-005 6in Tower Twin Doorway Wall 2
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 6
4-T6-003 6in Tower Doorway Wall 2
4-T6-010 6in Tower Palace Window Wall 4
4-T6-008 6in Tower Half - Arrowslit 12
4-T6-007 6in Tower Half - Solid 4
4-T4-004 4in Tower Window Wall 8
4-T4-002 4in Tower Arrowslit Wall 4
4-T4-003 4in Tower Doorway Wall 2
4-T4-001 4in Tower Solid Wall 2
4-ST-011 Curved Stone Stairs 2
4-MM-002 Door Insert Wall 2
4-DR-001 Castle Door 2
4-MM-001 Solid Insert Wall 4
4-MM-004 3/4 Solid Insert Wall 4
4-WS-001 Solid Wall 8
4-WS-004 Arrowslit Wall 5
4-WS-017 Long Arrowslit Wall & Spacer 2
4-WS-007 Corner Arrowslit Wall - Right 2
4-WS-008 Corner Arrowslit Wall - Left 2
4-WS-009 Corner Cutout Wall - Right 4
4-WS-010 Corner Cutout Wall - Left 4
4-WS-015 Insert Slot Wall 3
4-RP-005 6in Tower 3/4 Roof Platform 4
4-RP-004 6in Tower Roof Platform 4
4-MB-009 Large Curved Battlement 16
4-RF-001 Round Roof 2
4-RF-007 Cone Point 2
4-RF-006 Crow's Nest 2
AC-016 CBS - Dwarven Pillar 2
FL-002 CBS - Solid Stone Floor 1
AC-040 CBS - Stone Gargoyle Post 4
PT-005 CBS - Stone Double Corner Post 2
WL-010 CBS - Abbey Window Wall 3
DR-002 CBS - Stone Studded Door 1
4-FL-010 2x4 CBS Stone Floor 1
4-WI-005 CBS - Short Solid Wall 2
WL-016 CBS - Stone Torch Wall 2
4-WI-008 CBS - Arch Wall 1
4-FL-003 8x8 Flagstone Floor 2
4-FL-001 4x4 Flagstone Floor 3
4-FL-008 1x6 Flagstone Floor 2
4-FL-007 1x2 Flagstone Floor 2
4-FL-015 2x2 Flagstone Floor 4
4-GH-008 Gatehouse Floor 1
4-GH-001 Drawbridge Arch Wall 1
4-GH-002 Wooden Drawbridge 1
4-LD-003 LED Sconce Brazier 2
4-GH-006 Double Door Arch Wall 1
4-GH-010L Gatehouse Double Doors - Left 1
4-GH-010R Gatehouse Double Doors - Right 1
4-ST-004 Elevation Half Block 2
4-SP-005 Cube Spacer 14
4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 8
4-ST-003 Short Stairs 12
LI-003 CBS - Lighted Brazier 2
AC-007 CBS - Ladder 6
CC-002 CBS - Crenellated Straight Wall 4
4-CR-003 Accessory Slot Crenellation 6
4-CR-009 High Crenellated Corner 6
4-CR-006 Rampart Crenellation 14
4-CR-004 Right Indent Crenellation 4
4-CR-005 Left Indent Crenellation 4
4-MB-004 Corner Battlement 2
4-MB-001 Straight Battlement 6
4-CR-010 Battlement Transition - Right 2
4-CR-011 Battlements Transition - Left 2
4-LD-004 LED Socket Pillar 2
4-LD-001 LED Lantern 2
4-PA-009 Flag C - Rectangle 2
4-PA-007 Arbalest 4
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 4
4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 2
4-WA-003 Hanging Lion Gargoyle 2
4-BA-001 Oil Cauldron 8
4-BA-002 Wood Shutter 10
4-BA-004 Iron Scaled Shutter 2
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows 4
4-LD-012 Coal Pit Floor Cover 1
4-LD-011 LED Illuminated Floor 1
4-WP-007 Corner Wall Transition Platform 2
4-WP-001 Wall Platform 8
4-RP-007 4x4 Roof Platform 4
4-RP-008 4x8 Roof Platform 2
4-SP-001 Wall Spacer 5
4-SP-004 Corner Spacer 6
4-WS-011 Inside Corner Wall 8
4-MM-003 Dungeon Corner Post 2
4-T6-009 6in Tower LED Socket Solid Wall 4
LI-002 LED Torch 4


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