Pokorny Paint Colours (Stucco)

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Pokorny Paint Colours are Dwarven Forge's own brand of miniature paint that is specially designed to adhere well to the Game Tiles "dwarvenite" material. Stefan has formulated the viscosity of these water-based acrylics specifically for painting Game Tiles. They don't need to be diluted (which waters down the pigments), and you don't need to prime your pieces.

These paints are available in the following colours (that come in generous 4 ounce  bottles):

    Black White
    Base Gray Lava Yellow (new!)
    Cardboard (new!) Moss Green (new!)
    Cavern Stone Dry Brush (new!) Olive Dry Brush
    Deep Lava (new!) Stone Edge Dry Brush
    Deep Water Green (new!) School Bus (new!)
    Earth Stone Shallow Water Seaweed Green (new!)
    Lava Orange (new!) Water Bubbles Blue (new!)


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    Pokorny Paint Colours (Stucco)
    Pokorny Paint Colours (Stucco)