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Mountain Elevation Pack

Regular price $ 63.00
Expertly Hand Painted: 4-MOUE-P
Dungeon Gray (unpainted): 4-MOUE-U

Available in either Dungeon Gray or Expertly Hand Painted

Large blocks with the look of weathered stone that fit together to create raised wilderness areas or the worn foundations of a clifftop fortress. Also combine well with other natural terrain such as the DF KS2 Caverns. Post-KS Improvements: Newly sculpted 2x2 Mountain Elevation Block replaces 2x2 Caverns Elevation Block. Note: Mountains pieces are made on the true 1" scale like all other pieces in the Castle system.

This set contains 20 pieces:

4-EV-007 2x1 Elevation Block 10
4-EV-020 Mountain Elevation Block 10

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