Large Tower Roofs Pack – Dwarven Forge
Large Tower Roofs Pack - Unpainted

Large Tower Roofs Pack - Unpainted

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Unpainted: 4-LARTR-U

A modular conical slate roof to enhance your tower in medieval style. Covers one large (6" diameter) tower or creates a partial roof on a large tower and a conical roof on a small (4" diameter) tower.


This set contains 7 pieces:

4-FL-011 2x2 Flagstone Floor w Sm Trapdoor 1
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 1
4-RF-007 Cone Point 1
4-RF-001 Round Roof 1
4-RF-002 Round Roof Flare 1
4-RF-006 Crow's Nest 1
4-PA-013 Wizard's Warding Vane 1

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