Kobold Tribe -- Priced from:

Regular price $ 42.00
Expertly Hand Painted: 4-KOBT-P
Dungeon Gray (unpainted): 4-KOBT-U

Available in either Dungeon Gray or Expertly Hand Painted

Small but sinister denizens of caves and mountains, kobolds are known for their malevolent mischief. This tribe is ready to attack an adventuring party or a lonely keep with careless sentinels.

This set contains 20 pieces:

4-MI-014 Winged Calvary 2
4-MI-013 Standard Bearer 1
4-MI-007 Spearman 4
4-MI-012 Burrower 2
4-MI-011 Climber 2
4-MI-008 Heavy infantry 4
4-MI-009 Trapper 4
4-MI-010 Shaman 1

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