Deluxe Starter Set - Zaltar's Gameroom (Encounter 1) - Unpainted, with – Dwarven Forge

Deluxe Starter Set - Zaltar's Gameroom (Encounter 1) - Unpainted, with Tote

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Unpainted: 5-ZALT-U

Can you outwit Zaltar the devious Illusionist as he unveils his greatest trick yet? This classic starter dungeon includes a great variety of pieces.  It can build the encounter shown here, or use these pieces as the foundation for an infinite number of dungeon builds!

The pieces include anchor magnets as appropriate so the pieces "stick" to our terrain trays (sold separately).

Set also includes a tote bag to carry your pieces.

AC-506 LED Angled Torch 4
AC-527 Fancy Table 1
AC-528 Miniature Dungeon 1
AC-529 Zaltar's Throne 1
AI-502 Nook Weapon Rack 2
AV-501 Vaulted Wall 2
AV-502 Vaulted Wall (Magnetic) 1
AV-503 Vaulted Wall w/ LED Socket 2
AV-504 Vaulted Diagonal Wall 2
AV-507 Vaulted Open Arch Wall 1
AV-508 Vaulted Corner 4
AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 4
AV-519 1x1 Dungeon Floor 2
AV-520 4x4 Dungeon Floor 1
AV-525 2x4 Grand Vaulted Wall (magnetic) 1
DR-501 Vaulted Door Frame 1
DR-504 Ancient Door 1
DR-507 Vaulted Double Door Frame 1
DR-508 Wooden Double Doors 1
ET-513 LED Serpent Wall Orb 4
IN-502 Bars Insert 1
IN-503 Solid Wall Insert 1
K1-503 Classic Dungeon 1x1 Wall 2
PS-501 Passage Wall 2
TR-505 Magnetic Arrow Launcher 1
5-TOTE Kickstarter 5 Tote 1

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