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Encounter 14 - The Underdoom - Unpainted

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Unpainted: 6-E-114-U

You step out of the misty gateway and find yourself inside an alien landscape. Everything -- the stones, the stalagmites, the puddles -- radiates with fantastical colors. The floor is mostly a churning lake of necrotic sludge, which makes you shudder immediately. The 14th and penultimate encounter of Caverns Deep has 334 pieces—our biggest encounter to date—including cavern pieces in the unique Underdoom paint scheme, Necrotic Sludge terrain trays, a variety of Mushroom Clusters and LED Mushroom and Wall inserts, Mystic Gateways, LED Basalt Floor (with 2-way switch: steady white light -OR- flickering yellow "firelight"), Crystal Alcove with LED sockets and LED Crystals, Stairway to Violence with LED Torches, Natural Bridge, Floating Driftstones, Eldrich Eye LEDs, Necrotic Tendrils, Yorghrim War Chief and Arctic Faelynx mount, and Graemourna the Hag...and so much more!

Encounter 14: The Underdoom can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a prewritten module available FREE here!

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