Elevation Mega Pack - Unpainted – Dwarven Forge
Elevation Mega Pack - Unpainted

Elevation Mega Pack - Unpainted

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Unpainted: 5-ELEM-U

Build a multi-leveled dungeon with a mega assortment of elevation pieces, and have your adventure hit an all-time high.

AC-531 Savage Gargoyle Statue 4
EV-509 Pillar Corner Post 8
EV-512 Dungeon Elevation Block 12
EV-513 Dungeon Ramp 4
EV-514 Dungeon Elevation Pillar 16
EV-516 Elevation Arch 8
EV-517 Dungeon Bridge Base 2
EV-518 Dungeon Bridge Pedestal 4
EV-519 Dais 2x1 Platform 4
EV-520 Epic Stairs Left Curve 2
EV-521 Epic Stairs Right Curve 2
EV-522 Stair Jack 4
PA-504 Pedestal Platform 4
5-DBPIN Dungeon Bridge Pins 2

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