Eldrid's Mystic Trove - Painted – Dwarven Forge
Eldrid's Mystic Trove - Painted

Eldrid's Mystic Trove - Painted

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Hand Painted: 5-ELDRID-P
Hand Painted: 5-ELDRID-X-P

A wondrous selection of arcane accessories handpicked by Archmage Eldrid.

AC-518 LED Eldritch Obelisk 1
AC-519 LED Eldritch Wall Ward 6
AC-520 Eldritch Warded Trapdoor 1
AC-521 Portal Trapdoor Insert 1
AC-527 Fancy Table 1
AC-530 Golem Wall 1
AV-517 2x2 Trapdoor Floor 2
AV-522 LED Socket Floor 1
AV-525 2x4 Grand Vaulted Wall (magnetic) 1
DR-501 Vaulted Door Frame 1
DR-512 Warded Door 1
MI-514 Runic Golem 1
TR-514 Magnetic Wall Glyph 1
TR-520 Wall of Force 2

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