Hamlet Set/Unpainted Pre-order (Deposit Only)

Hamlet Set/Unpainted Pre-order (Deposit Only)

Regular price $ 25.00
Dungeon Gray (unpainted): HAM-U-PRE


Our factory is crafting a limited quantity of new sets, due into our US warehouse in February, 2018 (perhaps earlier).

Since quantities are limited, we’re offering this option to reserve your set now. 

Reservations require a deposit (toward the total price of $198) + applicable taxes and total shipping.  Please note that the deposit -- though not the shipping -- becomes non-refundable after October 31, 2017).  The balance will be due (and will be billed) just prior to shipment.

Outside of the US?  Please note that taxes and import fees due are not included and will be collected by the courier upon delivery.

This set contains 104 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
FL-001 Wood Floor 4 x 4 3
FL-002 Stone Floor 4 x 4 3
FL-003 Wood Stairwell Floor 4x4 1
FL-004 Stone Stairwell Floor 4x4 1
FL-005 Wood Trapdoor Floor 4x4 1
FL-006 Stone Trapdoor Floor 4x4 1
PT-001 Tudor Post 16
PT-002 Stone Post 16
WL-003 Tudor Door Wall + City Door 1
WL-001 Tudor Solid Wall 5
WL-002 Tudor Center Window Wall 6
WL-007 Tudor Magnetic Wall 1
WL-006 Stone Door Wall + City Door 1
WL-004 Stone Solid Wall 5
WL-005 Stone Center Window Wall 6
WL-008 Stone Magnetic Wall 1
RF-001 Terracotta Roof 4 x 4 1
AC-008 Interior Railing 2
WL-009 Arrowslit Wall 2
PT-003 Tudor Double Post 2
PT-004 Tudor Half Height Corner Post 2
PT-005 Stone Double Post 2
RF-002 Slate Roof 4 x 4 1
AC-001 Steep Stairs 2
AC-002 Fluted Chimney 1
AC-003 Stout Chimney 1
AC-004 Assassin's Perch 2
AC-005 Balcony 2
AC-006 Closed Shutters Window Insert 2
AC-007 Ladder 2
AC-009 Iron Bars Window Insert 2
AC-010 Curtains Window Insert 2
AC-020 Open Shutters Window Insert 2
AC-027 Magnetic Blank Hanging Sign 2
LI-001 LED Lighted Stand for Mini 2
MI-040 Giant Rat Mini 1
MI-041 Garn Mini 1


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