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Barbican Gatehouse - Painted Manual Winch Drawbridge (no motor)

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Hand Painted: 4-BARBM-P

The ultimate entrance for your castle, in the classic barbican shape. This massive gate is loaded with accessories and features including: LED lanterns, interchangeable magnetic crests, rotating arbalests, operable trapdoors, and tons of gameable interior space. The interior rooms have side doors to connect to the adjoining wall or corner segments - both on the top of the wall and the interior wall passage. The gatehouse section features an operable portcullis, dual LED sconces, interior murder holes, and a spring-released trapdoor floor. The drawbridge in this version operates with a manual winch.  For the motorized version, look for 4-BARB-P.

In addition to the pieces below, this set also includes an ancillary pack of 4X small curved crenellations and 4X high crenellated corners -- included at no additional charge -- because there was a color mismatch in the original set.

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