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Catacombs 2 Set (Classic Resin)

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It is time to delve where no DF adventurers have journeyed – into the dark of the Catacombs Set 2.  This set adds to Catacombs I and can be used for a variety of locations from crypts and catacombs – and into the lair of a dark Necromancer.  The pieces come completely hand painted.

The pieces included:  

MM048 Catacombs Set 2, (31 pcs)  

x4   Square Corner Walls

x2   4 inch straight wall with LED

x1   4*4 inch floor

x1   4*4 inch floor with skull fountain and LED

x2   Catacomb doors with moving skull lock

x4   Corner skull pillar

x1   Sarcophagus with separate lid (2 pieces total)

x1   Sacrificial bowl with skulls inside

x3   Sacrificial bowl with hole in bottom, empty

x3   Small clear flames to fit into sacrificial bowl

x3   Clear marble to fit into sacrificial bowl

x3   Large clear skull

x3   Large clear flames



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