Adventure Essentials 01-11 - Painted – Dwarven Forge

Adventure Essentials 01-11 - Painted

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Hand Painted: 6-MP5-P

Experience the first 11 encounters of Caverns Deep — Encounter 01: Summoning Chamber, Encounter 02: Prison Passage, Encounter 03: Bestial Cliff, Encounter 04: Webbed Lair; Enounter 05: Cave of Ruin; Encounter 06: Covert War Camp; Encounter 07: Mushroom Grotto; Encounter 08 Savage Gorge; Encounter 09: Smuggler's Cove; Encounter 10: Shrine of Skiss-Ryssa; Encounter 11: Hag's Den.

Adventures Essentials includes: Universal Core Pack 1-11; Adventure Packs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; Entrance Riser Pack; Caverns Double Door Pack; 2X Rising Elevation Pack; Passage Transition Pack; 2X LED Walls Pack, Dungeon Ruins Pack; The Dwarven Forge; Camp Pack; 2X Vile Mushroom Pack; Stalagmite Pack; Suspension Bridge Pack; Encounter 8 - Terrain Trays; Encounter 9 - Terrain Trays; Hollow Elevation Blocks; Rowboat Pack; Dock Pack; Stairway to Violence; Cave Pool Pack; Stone Banks Pack; Mimic Pack; Cave Doors Pack; and an official Caverns Deep! canvas tote bag.

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