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Encounter 09 - Smuggler's Cove - Painted

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Hand Painted: 6-E-109-P

Beyond the algae-crusted dock several gangplanks form a narrow path that winds upwards into the darkness. A voice calls out, "who dares approach?" Smuggler's Cove is the 9th encounter of Caverns Deep. This complete encounter includes 72 pieces, including Cavern themed pieces, Stairway to Violence Base, Hidden Nook Wall Insert, Cavern Trapdoor Floor and Crude Wooden Trapbox, Artificer's Strongbox, Manx the Ratling, Rowboat, Rowboat Oars and Tiller, Variety of Cave Water/Running Water Terrain Trays, Wooden Dragon Pole Accessory, Long Dock, and LED Socket Basalt Wall Inset with LED Tribal Torch.

Encounter 09: Smuggler's Cove can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a prewritten module available FREE here!

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