Encounter 06 - Covert Warcamp - Painted – Dwarven Forge

Encounter 06 - Covert Warcamp - Painted

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Hand Painted: 6-E-106-P

Warm fire light illuminates an ornate forge adorned with a gorgon's head and radiating an aura of transmutation. Covert Warcamp is the 6th encounter of Caverns Deep. This complete encounter includes 39 pieces, including Cavern themed pieces, a Chained Conduit Crystal, a Glowing Campfire, a Pile of Adventurer's Equipment, a Bedroll, and our signature piece—The Dwarven Forge with Dwarvenite Deposit!

Encounter 06: Covert Warcamp can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a prewritten module available FREE here!

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