Encounter 05 - Cave of Ruin - Painted – Dwarven Forge

Encounter 05 - Cave of Ruin - Painted

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Hand Painted: 6-E-105-P

Crumbling ruins frame an ancient door, clearly dwarven craftsmanship. What mysteries does it contain? Cave of Ruin is the fifth encounter of Caverns Deep. This complete encounter includes 70 pieces, including Cavern themed pieces, Ruined Vaulted Walls with Breakaway Pieces, Ruins Freestanding Vaulted Walls, Ruined Corners, Rubble Strewn Dungeon Floors with up to three rubble piles to hide treasure beneath, an icy Warchief, ruined ancient double door arch, and door options for the arch.

Encounter 05: Cave of Ruin can be used as a stand-alone adventure or as part of a prewritten module available FREE here!

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