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Overlay Mega-pack

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A mega-pack of all our grid, current, and hazard overlays (a total of 34). Lay out the way for some serious adventure! Includes 4 12x12 Grid Overlays, 2 6x6 Grid Overlays, 2 4x8 Grid Overlays, 4 Grey Clear Grid Overlays, 2 12x12 Curved Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 12x12 Straight Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 6x6 Curved Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 6x6 Straight Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 4x8 Curved Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 4x8 Straight Water Current Clear Overlays, 2 Quicksand Pit Clear Overlays, 2 Whirlpool Clear Overlays, 2 Necrotic Sludge Clear Overlays, 2 Ice Cracks Clear Overlays, and 2 Ice Hole Clear Overlays.

Note: 12x12 Grid Overly 1-inch increments are close but not exact. (Overlays only -- no terrain trays are included.)

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