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Magma Flow Terrain Tray - Multi Pack

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A multi-pack of six double-sided Terrain Trays - one side features a straight magma flow, and the reverse side features a 90¡ turn magma flow.

- 2x 12"x12"
- 2x 8"x8"
- 2x 4"x8"

These Terrain Trays are rigid sheets of metal encased in neoprene fabric printed with beautiful graphics. These trays can be used in multiple ways. They are great for negative space builds - use banks or trifecta terrain ledges to leave areas of the Terrain Tray exposed. The pattern of the tray will make the exposed area look like a hazard such as a lava pool or river of the dead.

Additionally, most of our pieces have anchor magnets embedded on their underside. These magnets stick to the metal Terrain Trays and keep your build from shifting on the game table. You can also use Terrain Trays to transport your builds to and from the game table - and use them to "fly in" rooms and encounters as your players discover them.

Negative Space Build Demo:

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