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Encounter 2 - Torrent of Torment - Illuminated & Unpainted

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Unpainted: 6.6-E102-U

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A churning river of tormented souls bisects this chamber. Upon the far shore the Howling Devil Awaits with his Rupture Talons.

This set includes 81 pieces and features a large assortment of lava terrain and a "negative space" river made with banks pieces and our new phantasmal filters. It's topped off with some twisted accessories and scatter terrain. A pack of five 8"x8" DF Light Panels, a power cord with dimmer, connector pins, two connector extension cables, and a collection of foamcore risers are included to illuminate and elevate your build.

Build guide available for this encounter can be found here!

Instructions on how to set up and use your DF Light Panel can be found here!

Encounter Walkthrough Video:

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