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Realm of the Ancients II Set

Realm of the Ancients II Set

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The Realm of the Ancients II Set is a great expansion to the ancient dungeon/ruin setting that has proven very popular with DF collectors -- the Realm of the Ancients. The pieces include:

(3) 6 inch Long Walls
(1) 6 inch Pivoting Long Wall
(2) 6 inch x 6 inch floors
(4) double-doors
(4) diagonal walls (and 4 half floors)
(8) piles of rubble
(2) Straight Walls with a sarcophagus
(4) pillars
(4) small stairs
(2) large stairs
(4) curved stairs
(2) platforms

This is a limited edition set and only 1,500 of these sets will be produced.  All of these pieces come pre-painted by hand!  This is the final re-stock of this set.

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