Den of Evil: Hellscape 2 Set

Den of Evil: Hellscape 2 Set

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Dwarven Forge, makers of the world's finest miniature terrain, is very pleased to announce the release of the limited-edition Den of Evil: Hellscape 2 Set.  This set is an expansion of the DoE: Hellscape Set, and it allows collectors to greatly expand their Hellscape set-ups.  It can also be used with our other Cavernous sets to create some very cool lava-filled caverns.  Mordor anyone?  This Limited Edition Set (1,500) is a great setting for many possible scenarios including volcanic caverns, alien/Sith encounters and more "evil" locales. The set comes fully hand-painted with felt bottoms and a custom-molded styrofoam box. The pieces in the set include:


MM044 Hellscape 2 Set

1x   4" x 4" Floor Version 1
1x   4" x 4" Floor Version 2
1x   4" x 4" Floor Version 3
1x   4" x 4" Floor Version 4
1x   Straight Wall w/Lava
1x   Curved Wall Version 1
1x   Curved Wall Version 2
1x   Small Stalagmites

IMPORTANT NOTE:  In addition to the standard DoE: Hellscape 2 Set, we are also offering some unique INDIVIDUAL Hellscape 2 pieces.  The additional pieces, which are available for immediate shipment, are all hand-painted and packed in individual boxes

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