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Den of Evil - Wicked Additions Set

Den of Evil - Wicked Additions Set

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The Den of Evil - Wicked Addition Set contains these pieces:

1x 6" Straight Wall and Archway
1x 4" x 4" Raised Platform w/Removable Lid
2x 6" x 6" Floor Tiles w/Gem Insert
4x Curved Corners
4x Curved Corner Floor Tiles
4x Stone Pillars
2x 2" x 2" Floor Tile w/Stairs Down
2x Upper and Lower Stairs
4x Tentacle Pillars

You DO NOT HAVE TO OWN a Den of Evil (Room and Passage) Set to make use of the items in this set. These pieces would also work great with our classic Master Maze dungeon pieces -- as well as with our Sci-Fi line.

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