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Den of Evil - Room Set

Den of Evil - Room Set

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The Den of Evil Room Set is the third set in the Den of Evil line, and it will allow collectors to set up some exciting large rooms. It contains 37 pieces, with 19 never before seen pieces in any Den of Evil set. This is designed to work perfectly on its own -- or with the other two DoE sets: The Den of Evil (Room and Passage) Set and the Den of Evil (Wicked Additions) Set.

The set contains:

2x 6" Long Walls w/black gem
1x Book (mysterious, evil, blood-red tome)
2x Fire Pot (pot and flame separated)
6x Straight Wall (2 kinds) w/stars
4x Floor with Tentacles
4x Corner Wall w/stars
4x Straight Wall
6x Floor
6x Corner Walls
2x Doors

While the set contains some totally new items like the 6" Long Walls and the Fire Pots, the 14 new standard room pieces were designed to be subtly different than their DoE Room and Passage counterparts. For instance, instead of just a normal Straight Wall piece, there are two designs for the 6 new Straight Wall pieces which show that some of the bricks have fallen away to decay -- and that some arcane realm lays beyond them. These new pieces can easily be used with their standard counterparts -- as their subtle difference is not readily apparent. They work very well together to make an unique gaming environment.

See Product Images for additional photos show this set combined with pieces from the Den of Evil (Room and Passage) Set and the Den of Evil (Wicked Additions) Set.

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