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Magnetic Accessory Add-On Pack - Unpainted

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Dungeon Gray (unpainted): MA-U

Magnetic walls and accessories to add detail to your houses and taverns!

This set contains 21 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
WL-007 Tudor Magnetic Wall 4
WL-008 Stone Magnetic Wall 4
AC-023 Magnetic Dragon Head 1
AC-024 Magnetic Alchemist’s Shelf 2
AC-025 Magnetic Sword & Shield 2
AC-026 Magnetic Inn Sign 2
AC-027 Magnetic Blank Hanging Sign 2
AC-028 Magnetic Wide Tapestry 2
AC-029 Magnetic Narrow Tapestry 2


For painting Dungeon Gray Dwarvenite, we strongly recommend Pokorny Paint Colors, which have been specially formulated for best results when painting our products.  CLICK HERE to learn more about painting Dungeon Gray City Builder pieces.

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