Caverns Core - Painted

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This set focuses on basic building pieces with lots of visual variety. It contains four styles of straight walls, three different floors, and four different corners (one of which is also a diagonal wall). It also contains a 2" cave archway, three different types of stalagmites, and a hole floor with removable lid which can be used as a pit trap, a sinkhole, or a tunnel downward. Lastly, you'll get two graphic texture patches - Quicksand and Cave Water - which can slide under your Hole Floor to make it look more dangerous.

This set works very well in multiples or combined with the Basic Caverns or Caverns Core Megapack. For more elaborate or thematic builds, combine our more advanced Caverns sets such as the Crooked Caverns Builder.

All three new Caverns Core Packs - including this set - feature the best-building pieces from Caverns Deep and some retooled favorites from our original Caverns. The original Caverns pieces have been updated to include anchor magnets and the Caverns Deep paint scheme.

5-BB Straight Pools Wall (Straight B) 2
5-AC Gull Wing Corner (Corner C) 2
FE-624 Pointy Stalagmite 1
5-AR 2" Archway (KS2) 1
FE-607 Rising Stalagmite 1
TT-604 2x2 Quicksand 1
TT-608 2x2 Cave Water 1
CV-609 Flat Floor 5
CV-603 Diagonal Wall 2
FE-606 Corner Fill Stalagmite 2
5-AB Yellow Fungus Corner (Corner B) 2
CV-606 Cascading Pool Corner 2
5-BC Copper Vein Wall (Straight C) 2
CV-601 Straight Wall 2
5-B Straight Wall (Straight A) 3
TR-611 Hole Lid 1
TR-610 Hole Floor 1
5-CC Stepped Floor (Floor C) 2
CV-612 Stagnant Puddle Floor 2
Caverns Core - Painted
Caverns Core - Painted
Caverns Core - Painted
Caverns Core - Painted
Caverns Core - Painted
Caverns Core - Painted