Catacombs Set 2 - 6'' Lighted Wall

$ 24.00

(Weight: 680 grams)

This add-on set can be used together with either of the Catacomb sets and is ideal for building large tombs.

The 6'' wall comes with a flickering orange LED. In addition you get 5 extra pieces fitting on the LED to change your design as needed.

All pieces come fully painted 

The pieces included: 

MM048-WS Catacombs Set 2 - 6'' lighted wall, (6 pcs) 

x1   6'' Wall with flickering LED

x1   Sacrificial bowl with hole in bottom, empty

x1   Small clear flames to fit into sacrificial bowl

x1   Clear marble to fit into sacrificial bowl

x1   Large clear skull

x1   Large clear flames

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